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Eastenders 30/06 - Carol continues to be anxious about her appointment

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 30/06 - Carol continues to be anxious about her appointment

Eastenders​ Episode Guide – Tuesday 30th June


Carol continues to be anxious about her appointment with the surgeon and Sonia invites herself along for support. Carol remains business-like when she is told there is no sign of cancer reoccurrence but when asked about a breast reconstruction, Sonia steps in and declines on her behalf. Frustrated at her family tip-toeing around her, Carol visits Buster and the pair crack open a bottle of wine. They are soon reminiscing about their teenage years and both a little tipsy, he encourages her to reclaim her life, telling her she is good company and a good-looking woman. Denise is intrigued when she sees Carol leave the house and Sonia is less than impressed when she returns home drunk. At the Butcher’s, Sonia and Carol begin to argue however their fight soon comes to an abrupt end when Shirley confronts Carol who reveals she slept with Buster.

Shirley is in a foul mood when obtaining access to Jade without the back-up of Dean and Shabnam seems impossible. Later, Shabnam tells Shirley she is happy to let Social Services know she has her support however Shirley is furious when she discovers a bra down the back of the sofa and finds out that Buster has spent the afternoon getting drunk on that sofa with Carol.

Shabnam opens up to Masood about her feelings and eventually agrees to report the attack to the police. Meanwhile, Stacey approaches Kush who has invited her to meet him in the park.

Martin is gutted when Stacey admits she doesn’t want a relationship. Stacey changes her mind and decides to make a go of it with Martin.

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