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Eastenders 12/12 - Phil Is Fed Up Of Roxy's Drunken Ways

by Pascale Day ,
Eastenders 12/12 - Phil Is Fed Up Of Roxy's Drunken Ways

Eastenders Episode Guide - Monday 12th December.


Louise seeks advice from a hungover Roxy but is annoyed when she’s in no state to help. Fed up of her drunken behaviour, Phil gives Roxy a harsh warning and threatens to kick her out; forcing her to think about her actions. Keen to keep Roxy involved, Ronnie asks her to pick up the children from school later but Roxy gets distracted when she apologises to Louise for her earlier behaviour.

Worried about her friend, Donna suggests her and Roxy go to mock everyone rehearsing for the play to cheer her up but at the community centre, the words resonate with Roxy and she crumbles. Over a drink, Donna makes a surprising suggestion.

Dot tells Patrick some upsetting news – the laundrette is closing on Christmas Eve. Wanting to cheer her up, Patrick suggests she throws a party in there on the last day.

Stacey encourages Bex to open up about her relationship and later on Bex and Shakil discuss where they stand with each other.​​​

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