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E​mmerdale 09/07 - Rhona's desperation leaves Laurel a victim

by Esme Riley Published on 2 July 2013
E​mmerdale 09/07 - Rhona's desperation leaves Laurel a victim© ITV

Emmerdale Episode Guide - Tuesday 9th July


Rhona's desperate for more pills and plans visiting a number of chemists to stock up. But when she gets a flat tyre, Laurel offers to drive when Rhona tells her she needs to get Leo some teething gel. Rhona persuades Laurel to stay in the car but things take a sinister turn when a man in a hoodie bundles into the car and orders Laurel to drive.

Elsewhere, Nicola feels uneasy around Steve and can't work out his game when he tells her she should pay back the money she owes him - or tell Jimmy about their financial agreement.

Also, Cameron hears Charity tell Zak she just wants her daughter back to normal and she just needs to make sure nothing hinders her progress. But will Cameron back away?

Laurel has a seriously bad day © ITV
Esme Riley
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