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Eastenders 26/12 - Lives are left hanging in the balance

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Eastenders 26/12 - Lives are left hanging in the balance

Eastenders Episode Guide – Saturday 26th December


As Christmas Day continues in Albert Square, lives are left hanging in the balance …

Dean grows frustrated when his perfect Christmas dinner doesn’t go to plan and he learns that Buster, Shirley and Jade have already eaten with the Carters causing him to snap at his mum. Fuming, Shirley comes to blows with Dean and storms back over to The Vic. When Roxy later arrives, the pressure becomes too much for Dean and he snaps – accidentally injuring Roxy in the process. Livid, Roxy storms out and leaves but can Dean convince her otherwise?

Martin and Lily are surprised to find Kat waiting for them and she tells them Alfie and the kids are still in Spain. However, Kat gets a shock when Alfie later arrives and asks her why she just left Spain.

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