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Emmerdale 01/10 – Edna's past returns

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 23/09/2014 at 01:30
Emmerdale 01/10 – Edna's past returns

Emmerdale Episode Guide – Wednesday 01st October


With yesterday’s revelation playing heavy on Edna’s mind, she fails to see Lawrence approaching and is shocked when he introduces himself. Lawrence wants to explain everything to Edna and bury the hatchet but can Edna forgive and forget so quickly?

When Rakesh hands Priya huge list of people she has never met, to add to their wedding guest list, it makes her realise she doesn’t know much about Rakesh at all. Kirin reassures her that this is what arranged marriages are all about, getting to know each other. Priya’s a little encouraged and agrees with Rakesh to try and get to know each other better.

Lisa is attempting to help Sam with his debts but they continue to mount. An increasingly desperate Lisa does her best to find the cash. When Lisa spots an opportunity at work she soon regrets her actions when she is caught red handed and sent her home with a warning her over her job. The stress is too much and starting to affect her health. Suddenly LIsa has a sudden funny turn.

Jimmy decides to bury the hatchet and move back home as it’s too noisy at Bob’s. But things are frosty between him and Nicola as they both try and score points against each other. Can they sort things out?

Alicia tells Leyla she knows about Jai and advises her to move on.

Emmy Griffiths
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