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Emmerdale 01/11 - Zak Makes A Move On Lisa

by Pascale Day ,
Emmerdale 01/11 - Zak Makes A Move On Lisa

Emmerdale Episode Guide - Tuesday 1st November.


Zak spots Bailey speaking to Megan and whacks him but he soon regrets it when Megan explains Bailey was helping her. Lisa has a go at Zak for fighting and whenBelle walks in she is quickly aware of the tension. Belle confesses to Chas she’s learning to cope with her voices but Lisa overhears and is hurt Belle lied about getting better. Bailey comes to drive Belle back and Lisa turns on Zak. Zak tells her they have to pull together and kisses her. Will Lisa respond or will she push him away?

Sam’s excited about him and Kerry being a couple but Kerry explains she made a mistake. Ross calls Dan pathetic and Dan hits him, catching him by surprise. But Ross retaliates and knocks Dan out cold. Furious with Kerry over Sam, Megan makes a decision. Could Kerry be left out in the cold?

Priya’s stressed when half the workforce call in sick after Kerry’s party. Moira is confronted over not appreciating having Cain.​​

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