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Emmerdale 01/7 - The parents meet to discuss Gaby and Jacob

by Pascale Day ,
Emmerdale 01/7 - The parents meet to discuss Gaby and Jacob

Emmerdale Episode Guide - Friday 1st July.


Laurel tells Ashley about Gabby and Jacob and they meet with David, Leyla and Bernice and end up arguing over whether Gabby or Jacob is more to blame. They worry whether Gabby could be pregnant. Gabby and Jacob hear this as they walk in and are mortified. Leyla’s glad Jacob was responsible enough to bring a condom,but Laurel and Bernice aren’t impressed. Ashley insists they need to lay down ground rules.After a discussion, Laurel announces that Gabby and Jacob can’t see each other any more.Gabby turns vicious and shows everyone the bruise Laurel gave Jacob. Ashley and Leyla are shocked and, upset, Laurel runs out.

Ashley tries to comfort Laurel, but accidentally calls herHarriet and she snaps. He apologises and says he loves her, making her feel guilty. She tells him she’s tired and goes out. In the playground, she confides her fears about coping toHarriet, whose left worried for her. When she returns to Mulberry Cottage, Ashley’s made them a meal and, forgetting Laurel’s an alcoholic, pours her some wine will pregnant Laurel be tempted to drink it?​

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