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Emmerdale 02/01 - Charity Spikes Kerry's Drink...

by Pascale Day ,
Emmerdale 02/01 - Charity Spikes Kerry's Drink...

Emmerdale Episode Guide - Monday 2nd January.


Zak is unwell, but is staying positive about staying in the caravan as he takes yet more cough medicine. Wanting time alone with Kyle, Kerry persuades Belle to leave her unsupervised but when Cain finds out he’s furious and takes Kyle from her. An upset Kerry badmouths Cain to Charity who comes up with a plan and spikes Kerry’s drink before persuading her to damage Cain’s caravan.Kerry heads of on a mission unaware a knocked out Zak might be sleeping inside…

Under pressure from Emma, Kasim lies to Finn he’s getting back with his ex, hoping this will soften the blow.

Chas’ attempts to kiss Paddy don’t go to plan when a gerbil escapes and Chas accidentally hits Paddy, giving him a bleeding lip.

Chrissie and Rebecca are getting along and laughing about old times. Lawrence finds his witness summons for Lachlan’s trial, leaving him feeling uneasy but he’s relieved when Ronnie is prepared to take their relationship slowly.​​​

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