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Emmerdale 03/01 - Zak's Caravan Is On Fire - With Him Inside

by Pascale Day ,
Emmerdale 03/01 - Zak's Caravan Is On Fire - With Him Inside

Emmerdale Episode Guide - Tuesday 3rd January.


Lisa discovers the caravan’s on fire and panics thinking Zak’s inside. Charity leaves Kerry uneasy when she asks if she double checked to make sure Zak wasn’t in the caravan before she did her worst. Cain arrives to see Lisa open the door to a wall of flames.Can he stop her and where is Zak?

An impressed Paddy watches Ross chat Rebecca up and decides to use the same line on Chas during their date. Chas is far from impressed and the date goes from bad to worse when Chas’s top catches fire. Will Paddy be left deflated?

Finn blames Emma for scaring Kasim off and Tracy worries when she catches Finn texting Kasim. Chas asks Robert about his plans for Aaron’s birthday but is perturbed by his apparent disinterest. Robert goes to Home Farm and tells Rebecca all the secret meetings and sneaking around won’t happen for much longer. Pierce is on the phone about engagement rings.​​

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