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Emmerdale 06/9 - A Bereft Moira Kisses James

by Pascale Day ,
Emmerdale 06/9 - A Bereft Moira Kisses James

Emmerdale Episode Guide - Tuesday 6th September.


Dan and Nicola attempt to heal their relationships. But when Dan admits to Kerry, Nicola made the pass at him, Kerry heads to confront her. Kerry slaps Nicola and balls her fist for another attack but hesitates in the face of Nicola’s disability. Nicola explains to Jimmy how she’s recently felt like his patient, not his wife. In the pub a self-destructive Kerry tries to kiss Jimmy but he dodges. Kerry storms out and demands a cab from Ross into town. A reckless Kerry kisses Ross in the cab and he sees an opportunity to win his bet with Pete...

Emma warns James to get a fair price from Moira. On a country road, James and Moira rescue a donkey. Moira gets emotional about everyone leaving her, and James comforts her in the cab, their eyes meet and they move in for a passionate kiss...

Rhona and Paddy say goodbye. Marlon’s pained his best mate is leaving again, so he dresses Leo in lederhosen to persuade him to stay. Meanwhile, Pierce is relieved he and Rhona are heading off to Italy. In the Woolpack, Chas and Aaron askPaddy to stay but has he already made up his mind?

Pete sets up a date with a Mrs Tennant and Ross wishes him luck, but there’s a sense he’s holding back something. Later Pete returns, furious Ross didn’t tell him her age.​​​

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