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Emmerdale 09/01 - Cain Makes A Decision Regarding Kyle's Future

by Pascale Day ,
Emmerdale 09/01 - Cain Makes A Decision Regarding Kyle's Future

Emmerdale Episode Guide - Monday 9th January.


Kyle is withdrawn and Zak and Lisa worry. Lisa suggests Kyle needs stability in his life but Cain is unmoved when she suggestsKerry plays a part in it. Later on, when Kyle is stubborn Cain raises his fist, shocking bothKyle and himself. The penny soon drops for Zak and Lisa regarding Kyle’s demeanour when they learn what Kyle witnessed. Before long Cain makes a decision…

It is Charity’s surprise birthday party and Chas andRebecca decorate the pub in anticipation. Chas is excited how embarrassing it will be forCharity but when it comes to party time, the pub is virtually empty. Will the big night be a damp squib? Chas rallies to buoy her cousin united in singledom.

Megan’s grateful when Jai agrees to accompany her to meet the guy she crashed into but Frank is concerned when the man asks for cash. He corners the guy and warns Megan it is a scam. Will she see Frank in a new light or continue to distrust him?

Cain wants Chrissie’s share in the garage or says Lachlan will pay the price. Chas is pleased to see Aaron and Robert back.​​​

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