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Emmerdale 09/08 - Amy can't forget about her son

by Esme Riley ,
Emmerdale 09/08 - Amy can't forget about her son© ITV

Emmerdale Episode Guide - Friday 9th August


Amy tells Cain about Kyle's parents but is shocked when he barely reacts - especially as he just lost a baby with Moira. But Cain later tells Moira he sympathises with Amy, so he decides to apologise to her. Cain urges her to let Kyle go and Victoria tries to reassure her Kyle's fine. But Amy can't just forget and tells a friend she's going to the funeral.

Elsewhere, Marlon confides in Ashley, telling him about Laurel's actions the day before. But Ashley tells him he has to support Laurel. She then walks in and is annoyed to see Marlon's been talking to Ashley. But when Marlon leaves, Laurel starts to open up to Ashley.

Also, Rhona manipulates Vanessa into giving her more pills and Nikhil tells Rishi and Jude he's not going to Gennie's funeral.

Amy hopes Cain might sympathise © ITV
Amy hopes Cain might sympathise
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