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Emmerdale 09/10 – A dark day in the village

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 30/09/2014 at 01:45
Emmerdale 09/10 – A dark day in the village

Emmerdale Episode Guide – Thursday 9th October


It's the day of Robbie's funeral and Megan struggles to accept both her son and her brother Declan are gone from her life. Leyla arrives at Holdgate, holding a wreath from a delivery florist which Megan assumes to be from Jimmy. Meanwhile, at Home Farm, Charity insists to Jimmy and Sam that she'll be fine on her own. Keen to keep busy, Charity sets about making business calls totally oblivious to what is happening.

Robbie's funeral is underway, Megan tries not to breakdown and asks the congregation to pray for Robbie and her brother Declan too. Meanwhile, the mourners from the funeral head back to Holdgate but Megan stays outside.

Nicola tells Rodney she fears Jimmy may want more kids, but later Jimmy's horrified when she suggests they have another baby, showing him the research she has done into vasectomy reversals. Jimmy’s explains it is not what he wants much to Nicola’s relief, but are Jimmy’s thoughts still with baby Carl?

Doug is taken aback to receive fan mail, including a bra and seems keen for Diane to know about his admirers. Moira tries to hide her hurt Aaron has received a visiting order to see Adam.

Emmy Griffiths
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