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Emmerdale 09/11 - Diane Storms Home Farm

by Pascale Day ,
Emmerdale 09/11 - Diane Storms Home Farm

Emmerdale Episode Guide - Wednesday 9th November.


DS Mudd arrives to question the Whites and Lachlan pretends he was fishing his phone out of the stream. He, Lawrence and Chrissie are alarmed to learn there’s mobile footage of him. A raging Diane is determined to make the Whites pay and bursts into the kitchen at Home Farm to find Chrissie comforting Lachlan. Diane accuses them of a cover up asLawrence tries to bat off her accusations.

Joanie and Zak try to tell Amelia and Kyle about Belle’s illness but Amelia freaks Kyle out and Joanie worries he is scared of Belle now. Zak reassures her he’ll settle when Belle shows him there’s nothing to worry about.

At Dale View, Ross kisses Victoria. She furiously slaps him and he challenges her to tell Adam about it.

Rishi wants to help Nicola with compensation for what happened to her.​​​

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