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Emmerdale 11/11 – Belle threatens to kill Gabby

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Emmerdale 11/11 – Belle threatens to kill Gabby

Emmerdale Episode Guide – Tuesday 11th November


When Belle insists she's not going back to school a worried Lisa makes plans to get a home tutor. Marlon gives Belle confidence when he asks her to look after April for him later and Belle is secretly pleased for the opportunity and Lisa feels hopeful. But when Gabby makes an horrific admission Belle has threatened to kill her, a shocked Marlon retracts the offer. Although Belle denies threatening Gabby when Belle returns to confront Gabby over her accusations, Gabby is left in absolutely no doubt how Belle is feeling.

Lawrence tells Andy he would be a fool to reject his offer and secretly Andy knows he'd be mad to refuse. Andy is optimistic about the thought of telling Robert he has quit. But Katie is incredulous to hear Andy has accepted the offer but Andy insists it is a second chance for them. Later, Robert is thwarted to learn what has happened and hides his annoyance as they celebrate in the pub.

Leyla arrives back from her business trip with presents for Jacob but he's not very enthusiastic. Jacob's distracted by Noah who dares him to steal charity money from the church, and Kerry and Harriet who are on a stakeout, spot Jacob leaving the church looking guilty. Have Harriet and Kerry found their vandal?

Jai decides to refocus and try and forget about Archie. He’s back at work after his accident. While Megan steels herself for Leyla's return. James and Cain are suspicious to see Ross and Aaron together and both agree they both must be up to something.

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