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Emmerdale 11/2 - Tess calls Rhona

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Emmerdale 11/2 - Tess calls Rhona

Emmerdale Episode Guide – Thursday 11th February


Despite warning her to stop calling him, Paddy’s rocked when Tess arrives. He asks her what she wants and is shocked when she replies she wants him to leave Rhona and be with her. Paddy struggles with his temper and he tells her to go as she piles the pressure on him. She throws a glass at the wall and leaves, upset. Paddy's relieved but tearful. Driving, Tess pulls over into a layby, crying uncontrollably. She gets out of her car and brings up Rhona's number. Rhona answers the phone to an upset Tess and agrees to meet with her, much to Paddy's horror....

There's a knock at the door and Vanessa knows it's Kirin. She tells him to come back when he's sober as he pleads with her to see Johnny. Rakesh sees their exchange as Kirin is forced to go. Later Vanessa's emotional but grateful when Adam suggests giving Kirin a second chance with Johnny, however Kirin sees them all together and storms out. Rakesh is taken aback and worried when Kirin confesses what he did to Johnny. Kirin is clearly in turmoil and sits in the car drinking vodka. Nikhil tries to stop him from driving off but he speeds off, narrowly avoiding Brenda...

Tracy's taken aback by Carly's continued coldness towards her as she refuses to apologise for her behaviour. Carly eventually apologises, telling her she had a friend who lost a baby, but we see a photo of Carly cradling a baby, clearly her own.

Dan and Kerry are bombarded with funny comments and looks until Moira finally tells Kerry there's a video of them both online. Carly thinks it's hilarious Leyla proposed to Nikhil but Leyla dreads having another conversation with him.

He says that she tried it on with Marlon. Paddy gets in the car, dreading what's about to happen…

Kirin sees the missed calls from Vanessa and knows he needs to talk to her. Vanessa's relieved to see him and tells him she understands he was pushed to the limit with Johnny. Kirin's emotional when she says she's prepared to try again…

Kerry's shocked to discover it was Gabby who put the video online and she's angry with her meaningless apology. Despite Dan’s reluctance Kerry convinces him to watch the sex tape and is impressed with herself. She decides she doesn't want it taking down after all but Dan's incredulous.

Laurel tells Ashley she knows she needs to pull herself together over the baby situation. Gabby overhears and thinks Laurel's pregnant, angry they didn't tell her. Ashley goes to see Gabby and tells her Laurel might have had a miscarriage. He's aghast at Gabby's attitude as she says they really are cursed.

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