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Emmerdale 12/01 – Cain refuses to have the operation

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Emmerdale 12/01 – Cain refuses to have the operation

Emmerdale Episode Guide – Monday 12th January


Moira, Debbie and Adam watch over a sleeping Cain, united by their fears, while an equally worried Charity sits alone. Cain’s Neurologist arrives and urges him to have the operation as soon as possible but Cain declines. Worried Moira refuses to talk to Cain until he signs the consent form but can an upset Debbie change her dad’s mind or will Cain’s fear ultimately take his life?

Alicia rants about Katie when Chrissie arrives, angry her son Lachlan has got a tattoo. Alicia is friendly as she promises Chrissie she and David will have a word with him. But whilst talking to Lachlan the penny drops, David realises Lachlan is trying to be just like him.

Ross enjoys winding Aaron up, while Robert regrets his levity when he suggests meeting up. Later, Robert tries to talk to a reluctant Aaron and Aaron is grateful for Robert's support as he worries about Cain.

Alicia is shocked when she walks in on Adam and Victoria kissing. Due to her state of mind Belle privately fears she is to blame for Cain's condition. Pete worries for a troubled Finn when he loses his temper and insults Alicia. James suggests his brothers take Finn out to cheer him up.

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