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Emmerdale 13/9 - Kerry Plans To Tell Dan The Truth

by Pascale Day ,
Emmerdale 13/9 - Kerry Plans To Tell Dan The Truth

Emmerdale Episode Guide - Tuesday 13th September.


Carly warns Vanessa to tell Tracy that Frank’s moving in but she asks Carly to keep Tracy out of the way. Vanessa takes Frank to the pub unaware Tracy is on her way there. When she sees them both together she flips but Frank pretends to faint. Tracy’s left further enraged when she later overhears Frank telling Vanessa she’s all he cares about and she comes up with a plan to get back at her dad.

Lisa packs a bag for Belle, including a picture of her and Belle but she’s left hurt when she only wants to see Bailey. She and Zak are horrified to learn they want to move Belle down to a unit in Surrey and Lisa announces she wants to get Belle into a private clinic so she can stay closer to home.

Kerry tells Ross she plans to tell Dan the truth but he persuades her not to. Dan overhears the end of her conversation and wonders what she’s hiding...

​​​Liv sulks about being left with Robert and Chas as Aaron leaves for France.

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