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Emmerdale 14/03 – Jai is worried about Priya

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Emmerdale 14/03 – Jai is worried about Priya© ITV Pictures

Emmerdale Episode Guide – Friday 14th March


Zak becomes increasingly confused of Lisa’s behaviour as she watches Belle’s every move. Lisa and Cain lie about where they went after the funeral. Chas discovers Belle in her pub backroom and tries to convince Belle what she’s done – but will Chas get through to her?

Ruby is unhappy with Dan as her baby hopes are dashed. Dan is surprised to learn she wants to see William again, remarking that his son Seb had better not be taking advantage of her because of their teenage fling. Later, Ruby learns Seb has got his ‘non-girlfriend’ pregnant.

Noah questions Jacob about the funeral and teases him about crying. Jacob promptly throws Noah’s phone in the trough. Priya tells Alicia and David about Jacob’s actions, and soon Charity demands money for the phone. Alicia informs him that he pays for the phone from his savings. Jacob panics, knowing he’s already given his savings to Leyla for her rent – is it game up for the pair?

Elsewhere, Jai is worried about Priya going out for a run but tries to trust her when she promises she is taking care of herself. Megan and Charity argue about the business as Jai arrives, enjoying Megan making digs at his ex.

Jai is worried about Priya © ITV Pictures
Jai is worried about Priya
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