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Emmerdale 14/10 - Sarah disappears…and runs into Cameron

by Esme Riley ,
Emmerdale 14/10 - Sarah disappears…and runs into Cameron© ITV

Emmerdale Episode Guide - Monday 14th October


Sarah sneaks out to find Andy in the rain but is shocked when she sees Cameron. She tries to run but he stops her and suggests they find Debbie together. She reluctantly agrees.

Zak and Moira despair as they realise Andy hasn't seen Sarah. All bad feelings between Debbie and Chas are forgotten when Zak confesses Sarah is missing.

As they call the police, Cameron asks Sarah if she wants to play a game. He tells her she needs to shut her eyes until he comes back to the barn with Sarah and Jack. When Sarah tires of counting, she calls out for Cameron and tries to open the barn door - but it's locked.

Sarah's alone and terrified, as Cameron breaks into the Dingle van to find Zak's gun.

Elsewhere, Ali apologises to Ruby and suggests they clear the air with Lindy. As Lindy's taxi pulls up, Ruby pulls away from Ali. Things get awkward when Lindy presumes the girls are lodgers.

Also, Declan is disappointed to return to news of Debbie's measly offer on Mulberry.

Cameron makes a terrifying return © ITV
Cameron makes a terrifying return
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