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Emmerdale 15/05 - Lachlan appears to be in a bad state

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Emmerdale 15/05 - Lachlan appears to be in a bad state

Emmerdale Episode Guide –Friday 15th May


With everyone having been out looking for Lachlan, a tired Chrissie weakens towards Robert as he instructs her to get some rest whilst he continues the search. Chrissie's relieved when Robert calls to say he's found Lachlan but all is not well. But is it all as it appears?

With the search for Lachlan on, David reluctantly agrees to talk to Rakesh, worrying he'll get in trouble for when he did actually kidnap Lachlan. Rakesh tells David to sit tight but seems irked when Priya appears enthused by the fact David may need to put his Portugal plans on hold.

Carly's unimpressed that Ross disappeared last night, whilst Debbie's uneasy to learn he didn’t go home. Emma senses something's not right and later warns Debbie not to hurt Pete. Worried Debbie decides she needs to tell Pete everything. With Debbie ready to confess all will she?

Rachel’s furious Jai continues to call the shots but on observing a strange exchange between Sam and Jai she’s keen to find out what is being kept from her, will she find out?

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