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Emmerdale 15/2 - ​Ashley worries about Laurel

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Emmerdale 15/2 - ​Ashley worries about Laurel

Emmerdale Episode Guide – Monday 15th February


Ashley struggles to write his sermon and his heart sinks as he discovers a plastic bottle half full of alcohol under the sofa. He looks for more hidden booze as he confides in Sandy he’s worried Laurels’ started drinking again.

Zak and Joanie arrive back from their trip away to Dale Head, Zak feels left out the loop over what’s been going on with his family. Kerry updates him on what she knows about Aaron. Zak heads off determined to find the truth, leaving Joanie alone. He confronts Belle and Sam in the shop. He’s devastated when Belle tells him Aaron was abused, accusing him of not looking after him. Joanie returns to find Zak in despair but he can’t tell her what’s happened because it’s family stuff.

David arrives back and Leyla and Jacob discuss Leyla moving out and it’s suggested that she stay.

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