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Emmerdale 16/01 - Bob Sleeps With Charity?

by Pascale Day ,
Emmerdale 16/01 - Bob Sleeps With Charity?

Emmerdale Episode Guide - Monday 16th January.


Neville is thrown when Nicola thanks him for paying out the insurance. But she is confused when he assures her there was no pay out.She goes back to Jimmy and tells him about her conversation with Neville, determined to get to the bottom of why Rakesh lied.

David warns Tracy she needs to tell Nathan his services are no longer needed. However, at the café, Finn's surprised when Nathan arrives and it is not long before he discovers Tracy has been paying Nathan to take him out. Tracy's caught.

Chas gets the wrong end of the stick and thinks Charity and Bob spent the night together when she finds him in the Woolpack back room. When Bob goes back to the café, Brenda berates him for staying out and coming home with no trousers. Later Chas lets everyone know Charity and Bob slept together, which is information Rodney relays to Nicola. How long will it be before the whole village and Brenda find out?

Rhona apologises to Pierce, taking the blame for last night, but is uneasy to think she's not been forgiven.​​​

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