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Emmerdale 17/09 - Debbie needs to keep Cameron sweet

by Esme Riley Published on 10 September 2013
Emmerdale 17/09 - Debbie needs to keep Cameron sweet© ITV

Emmerdale Episode Guide - Tuesday 17th September


Debbie tries to stay casual around Cameron, but becomes increasingly frustrated that she's getting nowhere. When Cameron suggests they head upstairs, Debbie has a dilemma - should she sleep with him to keep him happy?

Elsewhere, Amy brings Kyle to meet the family but she has to make her excuses and leave when Joanie calls and says she's picking him up early. When Kerry spots Amy, she's curious as to why she's calling out Kyle's name, so decides to follow her. She ends up face to face with Joanie and finally realises what Amy's been up to.

Also, David tells Alicia that it was an honour to have married her when their annulment comes through, but the touching moment is ruined when Priya returns from bridal boot camp.

Is Cameron's secret about to be exposed? © ITV
Esme Riley
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