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Emmerdale 19/8 - Belle is missing

by Pascale Day ,
Emmerdale 19/8 - Belle is missing

Emmerdale Episode Guide - Friday 19th August.


The police take DNA so they can identify Belle if they find her. Bailey wants to help search but the Dingles don’t want him involved. Lisa blames herself for not noticing Belle’s state and her anger turns to Bailey for not spotting Belle’s state of mind either.

Carly’s looking forward to her date with Pete,until she hears about Belle going missing. Concerned for Marlon, she cancels and is made up when Bob suggests she searches with Marlon for Belle. In the woods, Marlon falls and pulls a muscle, so Carly lifts him and carries him home. Whilst tending to his injury, Marlon apologises for falling out with her and Carly confesses she wanted to be more than friends with him. Marlon is stunned...

David re-proposes to Tracy. Lawrence is angry to discover Ronnie is backing out of Chrissie’s adventure park job and asks him why. Charity lets Bailey stay with her. Cain probes Charity about Belle but she pretends she knew nothing.​​

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