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Emmerdale 19/9 - Jimmy Lies To Fit In

by Pascale Day ,
Emmerdale 19/9 - Jimmy Lies To Fit In

Emmerdale Episode Guide - Monday 19th September.


Pearl calls to Paddy to come out but he refuses and continues to remain barricaded in, defiant. Pearl begs Chas for her help beforeVanessa calls the police. Chas orders Paddy to come out but he insists this is a siege and pours water over her from an upstairs window. Will furious Chas get through to Paddy?

Robert overhears Priya threatening to sue Chrissie over faulty equipment in the adventure park and gets an idea. He challenges Chrissie to be the first person to tryout the adventure park. She rises to his bait but it’s clear he’s determined to get revenge on her as he heads to the adventure park.

At the village hall, Jimmy assumes a group of women have come for toddler group but is too embarrassed to leave the conversation when he realises it’s actually a bereavement group. Can Jimmy really pretend his wife Nicola has died just to fit in?

Priya persuades Rishi to give her the money to rebuild the Mill, unaware of the mess Rakesh has left her in. Lawrence and Ronnie realise Chrissie has intentionally involved Ronnie with the expansion of the adventure park to keep him around Lawrence is pleased.​​

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