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Emmerdale 20/02 - The Andy news spreads

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Emmerdale 20/02 - The Andy news spreads

Emmerdale Episode Guide – Friday 20th February


As the news of Andy spreads, the shocked residents try to come to terms with the knowledge. Meanwhile Chas doesn’t know whether to believe Aaron when he says he and Robert are now over.

Laurel comes to visit Marlon at work and admits she’s concerned about the mounting bills but lies to him saying she didn’t get the job. She suggests they ask Doug to chip in until they get back on their feet…

Jimmy books a table at the B&B but Nicola thinks another guest is being flirty as he comes over. She tells him how although she’s flattered she is happily married. She’s pleased and bolstered by the attention so decides to book a room with Jimmy but her mood is soon ruined by an upsetting comment.

Harriet feels honoured when Gabby asks her if she’ll go into her school to talk about her career in the police.

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