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​Emmerdale 22/1 - Gordon's celebration is cut short

by Emmy Griffiths ,
​Emmerdale 22/1 - Gordon's celebration is cut short

Emmerdale Episode Guide – Friday 22nd January


Chas and Gordon are celebrating at the pub but Gordon’s soon left shaken…

Kirin overhears Vanessa defending him to Leyla over Fatherhood. Kirin decides to take Johnny for the full day tomorrow and books Vanessa into a spa but soon realises he’s also agreed to meet with his main buyer. How is he going to manage it all?

Carly's smug about her date with Duncan but soon finds out from Finn that he’s married. Carly and Tracy unite taking Duncan’s van keys and steal the wine from the back. They're pleased with their plan to make money but Finn reminds Carly she's on a suspended sentence.

Leyla and Nikhil passionately kiss and Cain refuses to rent out Mulberry to Ashley and Laurel, but Moira makes him see sense and he agrees.

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