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Emmerdale 22/10 – Charity hears her attacker is awake

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Emmerdale 22/10 – Charity hears her attacker is awake

Emmerdale Episode Guide – Wednesday 22rd October


Charity is shocked to hear her attacker is awake and further stressed when Jimmy tells her the Insurance Assessors are up at Home Farm. Charity breaks down when she receives an order to sell the estate. She receives no comfort from her family and Cain receives the short straw in having to offer her a place to stay but how will Moira react when Cain turns up with Charity in tow?

Megan demands the office keys from Leyla. Later Leyla is given food for thought when Katie tells her to put Jai behind her and to fight for her business. She tells Megan how Jai truly loves Megan not her. What will Megan think?

Nicola is giving Jimmy a hard time about baby Carl, worried how Angel will react to the news. However, Jimmy is preoccupied with what is happening up at Home Farm.

Katie and Andy plan on using some of Kerry’s magazine money towards their wedding. Nicola gives Andy some security work around Home Farm. Noah moves in with Debbie. Kirin and Vanessa get back together.

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