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Emmerdale 23/12 - Cain Goes To See Moira

by Pascale Day ,
Emmerdale 23/12 - Cain Goes To See Moira

Emmerdale Episode Guide - Friday 23rd December.


Pete tells Cain, Moira admitted to him she was driving the truck but worries she'll struggles to keep it secret. Concerned, Cain calls Moira but she ignores him and drains a glass of whisky. Cain arrives at the farm to find an unhappy Moira trashing the place. She collapses into his arms, tears streaming. They argue but will these two find a way through their issues?

As they head off to get a Christmas tree in the grounds of Home Farm, Lisa and Zak reminisce about the trouble they used to get into together. Lisa hears a noise and pulls Zak to the ground. It's a false alarm but they find themselves inches apart and are rattled by the connection between them…

Nicola's cold with Jimmy so Rodney suggests Jimmy buy her something to get back in her good books. Later, Jimmy is smug to think he's bought her a thoughtful gift but is quickly left worried by the reaction from others over his choice, how can Jimmy turn this around? Finn suggests Kasim spends Christmas with the Barton's but is Finn moving too quickly for Kasim?​

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