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Emmerdale 23/9 - Dan Proposes To Kerry

by Pascale Day ,
Emmerdale 23/9 - Dan Proposes To Kerry

Emmerdale Episode Guide - Friday 23rd September.


Dan confides in Zak and Joanie he plans to propose to Kerry and ropes Jimmy and Bob into help decorate the pirate ship. Their interest is piqued when he gets a call from Celine Dion. Meanwhile, at the Factory, Jai asks Kerry to go to an event for him that evening.Joanie tries to stop her, and eventually has to blurt out she needs her in the pub tonight as Dan’s going to propose. Will Dan’s proposal go to plan or will a bigger surprise ruin everything?

After the mix up finally Pete and Leyla agree to a date but will it all go according to plan? Holly and Jai meet for a date at the cafe and after finding it a bit public both agree to meet somewhere more discreet next time. Chas nags Charity to stop calling Cain, but she’s still hung up on him. Frank grovels to Vanessa, who agrees to let him stay. Smooth talking Frank asks Megan for lunch and despite Leyla’s warning she can’t help being charmed by him.​

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