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Emmerdale 24/6 - Victoria is robbed and Holly worries

by Pascale Day ,
Emmerdale 24/6 - Victoria is robbed and Holly worries

Emmerdale Episode Guide - Friday 24th June.


At the food van, Victoria is tackling the thief, Simon. They struggle for the cash box. Jai sees the commotion and comes to help. Simon hits Victoria and then flees the scene but without the box. Meanwhile at home, Holly is on edge, worrying about Victoria. Adam gets a call saying Victoria is hurt and Holly is sick with worry and heads to see what has happened. Holly worries she will be implicated but is still desperate to get herself out of this mess.

Pete and Finn have a go at Ross and beg Harriet for forgiveness. To win Harriet over, Pete uses tactics as low as his mother’s for sympathy. But will they get the plan back on track?

Rakesh is worried Vanessa will get in the way of his plans. But he’s soon got other things to worry about when Ronnie corners him about a problem on the site; the Mill is full of dry rot and it would be cheaper to rebuild from scratch. Meanwhile, Nicola and Jimmy bicker and Nicola hatches a plan using the kids, but will Jimmy agree?​​

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