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Emmerdale 25/12 - Pollard's Christmas awakening

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Emmerdale 25/12 - Pollard's Christmas awakening

Emmerdale Episode Guide – Friday 25th December


It is all set to be a bah humbug Christmas for Eric Pollard who is holed up in his house, cantankerous and miserable. But when grumpy Eric is forced to follow his mischievous dog Cheryl out into the village will Pollard have a change of heart? Once in the village Pollard is faced with his past, his present and what is to come. Could there be a happy Christmas for him after all?

Birthday girl Belle’s unable to hide her hatred of Joanie and despite receiving Lisa and Zak’s generous gift she continues to glower. When everyone arrives for Christmas lunch Zak begins to get suspicious of Belle’s behaviour. And is soon very alarmed to realise Belle knows something. At the Dingles it looks like the mood is jolly. But Zak is nervous knowing Belle is fuming and more than ready to spill the beans about him and Joanie. Belle is never shy of speaking her mind, so surely she is just moments away from decimating this happy day with her shattering reveal?

There is one very tricky guest on Christmas day at the B&B forcing Finn and Tracy to work. Vanessa struggles with having Johnny at home and when Adam worries she’s not coping he comes up with a plan to make sure she’s not left alone. Marlon’s awkward as Laurel comes into the pub with Ashley and the kids. Sandy talks to an old friend who joins the Woolpack festivities via new technology as if they had never left.

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