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Emmerdale 25/12 - There's A Secret Recording On Belle's New Laptop...

by Pascale Day ,
Emmerdale 25/12 - There's A Secret Recording On Belle's New Laptop...

Emmerdale Episode Guide - Sunday 25th December.


Belle reveals she knows Lisa stole the tree with Zak and can see he still makes her happy. Zak and Joanie arrive to wish Belle a happy birthday but it’s not long before Joanie realises a family Christmas is what makes Zak truly happy and she worries she’s losing him. Belle’s chuffed when she sees her mum and dad have got her a new laptop but she notices there is already a recording on it. Before long the recording is played to everyone and they hear Zak confessing to Lisa how he doesn’t want to move away with Joanie. Hurt Joanie slips out of the house but will Zak follow her or will her confess to Lisa how he feels?

Laurel’s determined to have a good day despite Ashley not registering it is Christmas or that it is Gabby’s birthday. Later, Gabby finds a box of wrapped presents and opens them, welling up when she sees they’re from Ashley and he had remembered after all. Laurel, Sandy and the children attend church but have to sadly explain Ashley’s not having a good day. Soon, however, there is a happy surprise for theThomas family.

There is a Christmas thawing between Moira and Cain. But when Cain wonders if there’s hope left for them how will Moira react?

Dan and Kerry both feel alone. Emma is irritated it’s not just her and her boys forChristmas dinner, struggling with Pete and Leyla’s relationship. Nicola’s touched when Elliot says he wishes she was his mum.​​​

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