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Emmerdale 25/7 - Lachlan feels put out whilst Andy and Bernice get close again

by Pascale Day ,
Emmerdale 25/7 - Lachlan feels put out whilst Andy and Bernice get close again

Emmerdale Episode Guide - Monday 25th July.


Chrissie is on the warpath furious that Andy let Lawrence rot in prison for something he did. Andy drowns his sorrow with Bernice and having confided things are over with Chrissie inevitably one thing leads to another…Chrissie goes to seeRoss who is soon left worried she might go to the police. Chrissie goes to see Andy wanting to make up, will she catch Bernice and Andy in the act? Meanwhile, Lachlan makes an ill judged lunge to kiss Gabby but is left feeling embarrassed and out in the cold especially when Lawrence humiliates him in front of Gabby.

Rakesh continues to hide his financial problems from Priya telling Rishi not to mention him losing at cards. Rakesh is overwhelmed by his problems when Pierce demands his winnings. Later, Rishi tells Rakesh he’s paid Pierce. Relieved, Rakesh pretends to be annoyed and assures Rishi he’s good for the money. He prepares to make a call, hatching a new plan. Later, Priya’s annoyed Rakesh has decided to sell Mill Cottage, he pretends it’s so they can move on but will she believe him?

Robert urges Aaron not to tell Chas about Andy having him shot. But Chas senses something’s wrong and demands the truth from Robert. Rhona spots the closeness between Marlon and Carly. She later asks Marlon if anything’s going on but his reaction fails to convince her.​​

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