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Emmerdale 26/01 - Rhona Makes A Confession

by Pascale Day ,
Emmerdale 26/01 - Rhona Makes A Confession

Emmerdale Episode Guide - Thursday 26th January.


Debbie explains the situation of why she needed money urgently.

Doug and Diane are struggling with Ashley but Doug hides Laurel from the truth declaring everything’s fine. However when Laurel returns home she realises the truth of the situation… (they haven’t coped well at all.)

Pierce is frustrated by Rhona’s rejection. Ronnie gives Zak advice about Lisa explaining she just needs time.

The police are up at Home Farm regarding the theft and even suggest Lachlan could be behind it. All are unaware the real perpetrators are still at work… Meanwhile, Cain tells Ross to stay away from Debbie and gives him an incentive by threatening him and giving him money.

Pierce is aggravated when Rhona pulls away from his advances. Later, during a jovial game of truth or dare Pierce is hurt when Rhona admits her fantasy one-night stand is Cain. Later once home, Pierce makes Rhona feels guilty and after a misguided approach Rhona’s left unsettled and he feels hurt.

Laurel makes the heartbreaking decision. Lisa suggests she and Zak go public with their relationship.​​​​

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