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Emmerdale 26/05 - Sam's relationship is in question

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Emmerdale 26/05 - Sam's relationship is in question

Emmerdale Episode Guide – Tuesday 26th May


With Ruby due back tomorrow, Sam and Rachel decide to make the most of their last day alone together. The day takes a turn for the worse when Archie has an accident and needs to go to hospital. The doctor offers reassurance to Rachel, but when Sam is alone with the doctor, Sam makes a grim discovery which puts his whole relationship into question…

Pete struggles with his jealousy over Ross as Debbie tries to assure him he’s all she wants. But as Pete remains uncertain, Debbie insists there is no point in them being together if he doesn’t trusts her. At the garage, Pete confronts Cain over Debbie and Ross convinced there is more to it, but Cain puts forward a convincing case to persuade Pete otherwise. Can Pete find a way to prove his trust in Debbie once and for all?

With Vanessa suffering morning sickness, Paddy soon puts two and two together and realise she's pregnant. Concerned the news is spreading, Vanessa and Kirin decide it’s time to face the music and tell Rakesh. But how will he react?

Carly announces her grandad's lent her the money for the shop and Bob covers his guilt over her lie when Brenda is relieved it wasn’t him who lent the money. Brenda thinks David should consider Carly’s offer and David agrees to listen. Will Bob and Carly’s secret set up come good?

Leyla puts on a brave face as she suggests to Jacob they plan some fun things together before he leaves. Carly and Ross enjoy each other’s company.

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