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Emmerdale 27/11 – Belle's problems multiply when Cain gets involved

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Emmerdale 27/11 – Belle's problems multiply when Cain gets involved

Emmerdale Episode Guide – Thursday 27th November


Episode One

Belle’s living in fear and Zak and Lisa are worried who could be doing this to her. Meanwhile, Belle’s problems exacerbate when Cain gets the wrong end of the stick regarding Lachlan. But when Lachlan’s found with cans of spray paint the evidence against him seems to be apparent.

Pete is dreading his day in court. But Pete hears the date has been postponed and is intrigued when out of the blue DI Bails suggests they strike a deal. Meanwhile, Debbie is pleased when Andy softens, over the custody battle. Later Andy surprises Katie when he tells Robert they're going for the farm. Debbie's shocked when Pete tells her about DI Bails' blackmail and what he wants from him in return.

Laurel breaks down about her marriage. Charity learns Ross nicked a car from the garage and warns him about hurting Debbie. Moira clocks the tension and Charity then tells Moira how Noah's coming to live with them.

Episode Two

Cain and Moira are both furious when the police arrive at Butler's, wanting to investigate stolen cars. And they then discover Charity and Ross have been using the farm for their illegal business. Cain storms over to Charity and Ross, warning them to shift the cars. It’s one step too far for Debbie who is fed up of defending her mum. Moira's furious at having to cover for Charity. In the Woolpack, tensions are high as the truth comes out about the dodgy business. Moira's wants Charity out of the house and Cain feels caught in the middle.

Debbie and Pete are frustrated by the situation they've been put in by DI Bails. Pete can't see a way out of it, knowing if he doesn’t give the detective what he wants, he’s looking at a prison sentence. Later, James is worried when Pete's upset, not knowing how to tell him what's happened with the police. Pete is shocked by James’s reaction to his dilemma and when Debbie tells Pete how disgusted she is at her mother, could it give Pete the impetus to do what DI Bails wants?

Vanessa notices the gap in her and Kirin’s lives. Kirin’s not happy living by his father’s house rules and when Rakesh gives him an ultimatum, Vanessa is soon surprised By Kirin’s next decision and is soon worried she can’t keep up with his lifestyle.

Now Jimmy is supposedly back to normal after his reversal, Nicola is keen to crack on and make a baby. After some interference from Georgia their intimate moment starts to take shape. But afterwards Jimmy is privately very concerned.

​Nicola is frustrated until Jimmy makes an admission. Brenda thinks Marlon should tell April about Donna's headstone. Laurel worries about at the distance between her and Marlon.

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