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Emmerdale 29/08 - Rhona's secrets come to the surface

by Esme Riley ,
Emmerdale 29/08 - Rhona's secrets come to the surface© ITV

Emmerdale Episode Guide - Thursday 29th August


Episode 1

A worried Paddy is by Rhona's bedside in the hospital. Grateful for Pearl's support, he explains that Rhona is an addict. Suddenly, Rhona starts to bleed from her nose and they stand back as the medic gets to work. Paddy is shocked at how bad Rhona is.

When she wakes up, Rhona is full of self-loathing and Paddy doesn't know how to talk to her. Rhona later tries to explain herself to Marlon, before the doctor walks in and tells her the full extent of damage she's done to her body.

Meanwhile in the village, Pearl urges Vanessa to stay well away.

Elsewhere, as Jai and Charity argue, Noah tells them he's going to see Jacob. Meanwhile, Jacob tells Alicia he's heading to see Noah. The penny soon drops for Alicia and Charity that the boys are missing.

Also, the police question Val and Pollard and without realising it they confirm Cameron's story.

Episode 2

Rhona struggles to take in how much damage she's done and the extent of Paddy's suffering.

Vanessa soon lets slip to Laurel that Rhona was looking for drugs when she was carjacked. After this bombshell, Rhona seeks reassurance from Paddy that he'll still love her after everything.

Elsewhere, Pollard marches Sean out of the B&B with the medals and tells him and Sandy he wants £500 or he'll go to the police. Sean returns the medals to Edna but lied about how he's paying Pollard back. Later, Sean accidentally knocks Debbie's wing mirror loose and Adam watches as Cameron overreacts and grabs him. Dan wants to make Cameron pay.

Also, Alicia calls the police about Jacob and Noah. The boys are actually at Home Farm discussing Declan, but are shocked when Declan appears. Noah warns Declan to stay away from Charity.

Rhona wakes up to the worrying truth © ITV
Rhona wakes up to the worrying truth
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