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Emmerdale 29/7 - Laurel and Ashley realise what Gabby has done

by Pascale Day ,
Emmerdale 29/7 - Laurel and Ashley realise what Gabby has done

Emmerdale Episode Guide - Friday 29th July.


Laurel spots her bruises and she pretends she got them from the stables. Ashley soon realises Gabby is lying to him over how she got the hoodie ripped at the stables. Laurel returns, and realises Gabby was the thief. Ashley’s stunned. And soon things take a turn for the worse at the Thomas house.

Chrissie plays her role of innocence to perfection whilst underneath is enjoying the revenge. Chrissie pretends to be devastated over Andy’s situation and tells them she’s hired Rakesh. Soon, Chrissie visits Andy in prison and tells him she believes he didn’t do it and he’s grateful for her support.

Moira’s shocked to learn Adam and Victoria were burgled. She thinks it’s Simon and wants to warn him off but Holly begs her not to. Later, behind Holly’s back, Moira uses Holly’s phone to call Simon and warns him off. She’s shaky,but sure she did the right thing.

Rakesh is pleased his old firm want him back to represent Andy. Robert tellsAaron he is going to visit Andy in prison. Ronnie visits Lawrence in hospital and asks him to give them another go.​​​

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