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Emmerdale 30/12 – Nicola's bombshell

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Emmerdale 30/12 – Nicola's bombshell

Emmerdale Episode Guide – Tuesday 30th December


Nicola struggles as she hides the truth from Rodney and with Jimmy so excited can’t bring herself to tell him either. When she finally builds up the courage, Jimmy is left hurt and shocked but can see that she blames herself and tries to reassure her. However, Nicola has another bombshell for Jimmy...

It’s Belle’s first day at the stables and all seems to be going well until a client leaves when she recognises Belle. Mentally and emotionally tortured. She heads to Home Farm where she appeals to Lachlan for more pills, desperate to silence ‘Gemma’...

Jai is angry to see Megan has not deleted the photo of Josh’s car, thinking she doesn’t trust him. She’s left conflicted as she watches him with Archie, too aware of what she could lose.

Laurel and Marlon feel united as they look to the future. Paddy is surprised to hear about Pearl’s talents on the stock market but later taunts her over his own success.

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