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Emmerdale 30/8 - Paddy Makes A Surprise Return

by Pascale Day ,
Emmerdale 30/8 - Paddy Makes A Surprise Return

Emmerdale Episode Guide - Tuesday 30th August.


Paddy arrives home to find the house empty, whilst at TallTrees, he’s horrified to stumble upon Marlon and Carly partially dressed. Marlon welcomes Paddy back, but is horrified to realise he doesn’t know about Rhona being with Pierce. He’s about to break the news when Carly brings April in with a grazed knee. Paddy slips out and returns to Smithy, where he’s flabbergasted to find Pierce and Rhona together. How will he react when he finds out they are now a couple?

In the salon, it’s clear Bernice is up to something when she insists Chrissie drink wine with her. Unaware Bernice is recording their conversation,Chrissie soon becomes annoyed with her constant questioning about Andy. Desperate Bernice picks up some clippers…

Lawrence is concerned by Lachlan and Liv’s new friendship. He suggests they play cricket to keep an eye on the pair, but doubles over in pain during the game.

Joanie’s heart sinks to catch Zak in the lie covering for the fact he was with Lisa. Laurel begs Rishi for more weeks’ work and then lies to Kerry, pretending Rishi’s forcing her not to take full maternity leave.​​​

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