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Emmerdale 6/1 - Who's the Daddy?

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Emmerdale 6/1 - Who's the Daddy?

Emmerdale Episode Guide – Wednesday 6th January


Rhona’s pleased to hear that Vanessa thinks that moving in is the right thing to do and she’s not worrying about the DNA results. However, Vanessa returns home and opens her post. There’s shocking news as it’s revealed Adam’s not the dad…

Sandy is clearly struggling with Ashley’s news and becomes upset and unsteady on his feet. Sandy refuses to let Ashley take him to the hospital and tells Doug to take him instead. At the hospital, Sandy tries to hide from Doug but they soon unite in their worry for their children. Later, Ashley has more heartbreaking news for Sandy…

There’s a tense atmosphere between Moira and Cain as he sets off from Butlers but there’s a clear attraction between her and Pete as she tells him she’s glad he’s there. Meanwhile, Aaron lies to Cain and says he has called his counsellor. Cain is happy to get a text from Debbie and tells Dan he can have his job back.

Leyla is overwhelmed by the tax return she has to do, but refuses Nikhil’s offer of help. Paddy tells Tess that he did want to end it, but she’s all that he wants when they are together. They end up sharing a kiss.

Emmy Griffiths
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