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Scalp Detox Grow Gorgeous

Grow Gorgeous

Scalp Detox

Category: Hair
Price: £21 - £40

Description :
Category: Hair
Product type: Exfoliator
Price: £28

Grow Gorgeous believe that skincare shouldn’t stop at the forehead and a healthy scalp is the secret to gorgeous hair growth. Detox your scalp from impurities that block the roots with pomegranate enzymes and natural castor oil beads to exfoliate the scalp and shift dry skin, creating the perfect environment for hair growth.

• Natural Castor Oil beads and White Willow Bark Extract exfoliate the scalp to help remove any impurities and act as a natural anti-bacterial to promote hair growth and give a lustrous shine to hair.
• Our unique blend of minerals moisturises the scalp and helps absorb any excess sebum helping to extend time between washes.
• Pomegranate fruit enzymes gently remove the outer layer of dead skin cells to naturally exfoliate the scalp and remove product build-up.
• Bean Bio-ferment absorbs UV light and provides anti-oxidant protection to the hair and scalp. 

For more information visit Grow Gorgeous.co.uk

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