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Dressing for boyish shapes

by the editorial team ,
Dressing for boyish shapes
Finding out what shape you are is hard enough, but once you know you have to work out what to wear to maximise your best bits. Stressed much?

Working your shape is easy when you know how, so we asked fashion expert Nicky Hambleton Jones for her stylist tips to simplify your sartorial stresses and ensure you’re rocking your boyish figure fabulously.

Nicky Hambleton Jones says you’re a boyish shape if: “You are straight up and down, and your shoulders are roughly the same width as the rest of your body. Your chest is petite and small. Generally your shoulders and hips are of the same width, with long arms and legs and an undefinable waist.”

Whilst she warns you can run the risk of looking masculine, it’s easily fixable with plenty of pretty prints, fabulous florals and maybe even a sneaky push up bra or too. So avoid overtly masculine clothing and go all out girly to create curves while celebrating your naturally slimline shape.

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