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Hollyoaks 03/5 - Ben has a surprise for Sienna

by Pascale Day ,
Hollyoaks 03/5 - Ben has a surprise for Sienna© Lime Pictures

Hollyoaks Episode Guide - Tuesday 3rd May.


Ben has a surprise for Sienna, so she wants to do something special for him too. With Grace’s help, Sienna gets him tickets for his favourite band, but her treat from Ben isn’t quite as exciting. Lisa is refusing to leave Margaret’s side but the Lovedays are ready to fight for their daughter. Zack and Sonia track her down.

Esther can see that Kim wants to spend time with JJ so she tries to persuade Joe to let her see him. Kim sneaks up to the garage where Joe and Freddie are busy at work and JJ is crying. She starts to wheel the pram away, but Joe stops her. When a plumbing emergency occurs at the Roscoe’s, Joe is forced to leave JJ with Kim so they can go and sort it. However, when Joe turns up at home, he’s handcuffed to the bannister with Mercedes – Ellie and Freddie have set them up, but have they put JJ in danger in the process?​

© Lime Pictures
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