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Hollyoaks 05/12 - Celine Wakes Up In The Shack

by Pascale Day ,
Hollyoaks 05/12 - Celine Wakes Up In The Shack

Hollyoaks Episode Guide - Friday 5th December.


Celine wakes up in the Shack and is horrified when she finds Lockie’s message carved into the floor: ‘Cameron is a killer’. Elsewhere, edgy Cameron is furious when Leela suggests postponing the wedding. He goes back to the Shack where Celine accidentally puts Jesse in danger.

Maxine is desperate for this Christmas to be the best ever and Adam wants to help set up the lights in the village, but accidentally buys Halloween pumpkin bulbs. Meanwhile, Peri is gearing up to sing at the village fair.Mercedes intercepts Joanne as she’s about to leave the village and reveals that she knows about her stopping the Ferris Wheel.

Tony fumes when he finds out Ste and Warren were trying to frame Ryan. Leah leaves a note for Ste saying that all she wants for Christmas is to see him, prompting Ste to do whatever he can to get his kids back.​​

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