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Hollyoaks 06/06 - Yasmine's Sister Arrives In Hollyoaks

by Pascale Day Published on 30 May 2017
Hollyoaks 06/06 - Yasmine's Sister Arrives In Hollyoaks

Hollyoaks Episode Guide - Tuesday 6th June.


Yasmine asks Esther for some part time work, just as her sister Farrah turns up on the back of a motor bike. Adam and Maxine return and are shocked when they find loved up Darcy and Jesse kissing on the sofa. They are distracted when Minnie starts walking and Adam suggests that they celebrate by throwing a ‘welcome home’ party. Minnie and Toby go missing and Maxine finds Toby stood overMinnie who is struggling to get up. Maxine screams and grabs Toby’s shoulder. Adam, Jesse and Darcy rush outside and Toby tells Darcy that Maxine hit him. Meanwhile, Harry visits Ste in prison and is alarmed when another inmate, Woody orders Harry to smuggle in drugs unless he wants Ste to get hurt.