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Hollyoaks 09/10 – Mercy sleeps with Trevor

by Francesca Menato Published on 1 October 2013
Hollyoaks 09/10 – Mercy sleeps with Trevor© Lime Pictures

Hollyoaks Episode Guide - Wednesday 9th October


After Mercy is caught trying the plant the card in the office at the club she's does what she does best - gets him into bed.

She successfully plants the card in his wallet - will it work?

Tom's plan to get the family together backfires when Sienna intercepts Jack's call to Darren.

Sienna is managing to make Darren feel like she's the only person left who cares about her.

Doug makes a shocking discovery about Danny and Ste while Anna's missing locket is causing Will to act very strange.

Martha's suspicions teamed with Ash's secret proposal plans are making him more and more paranoid.

Trevor's ready for a bit of Mercy © Lime Pictures
Francesca Menato
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