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Hollyoaks 11/04 - Liam Kidnaps Esther

by Pascale Day ,
Hollyoaks 11/04 - Liam Kidnaps Esther

Hollyoaks Episode Guide - Tuesday 11th April.


Scott is obsessing over the letter. Lynette wants to cheer him up and books Jesse and Adam to do their hair. Grace is growing increasingly worried about missing Esther and accuses Kim of kidnapping her. Liam demands £50K from Grace if she ever wants to see Esther again. Grace asks Warren for a loan and makes a deal to give him The Loft if he doesn’t get his money back by the end of the day...

Myra asks Cleo to help her sort through Celine’s belongings, leaving Cleo emotional. Joel is floored when Bart turns up at the soup kitchen and asks for more money. Later, Cleo and Lisa get into a fight and Cleo accidentally slaps Lisa. Joel offers to pay for Bart to go to a detox clinic but as Bart is getting into a taxi, someone invites him home...

Nancy feels guilty that she hasn’t told Darren about Kyle. Courtney reassures Nancy that all she’s doing is talking with a friend about MS, but is there more to it for Nancy? Kyle questions Nancy when she lies to Darren about where she is. ​​

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